We discovered Turkey Hill Ice Cream and Summer is better for it!

 Photo by Epicurean Chronicles
Photo by Epicurean Chronicles

By Chris Attaway (Sponsored Content)

Working with Turkey Hill, I’ve come to love and appreciate the brand. Living in Wisconsin, there isn’t a shortage on all things dairy, and I’m glad that I can add one more brand on my list of go-to ice creams when it’s time to peruse the frozen foods isle. This is the first time I’ve ever tried their ice cream and I must admit, I’m very impressed.

 Photo by Epicurean Chronicles
Photo by Epicurean Chronicles

We tried the Choco Mint Chip Original Recipe flavor and like true ice cream lovers, we (meaning I alone) ate it straight out of the carton. Because that’s how I roll. We like to keep it civilized every now and then by putting it on a cone, but really, out of the carton is where it’s at… and even my mini-me approves. We ate the entire carton in less than a week. No Joke.

We plan to use their new line-up of ALL Natural ice cream with our famous Salted Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie recipe… as ice cream sandwiches!!!! How awesome would that be??? Can you imagine it? Made with only the simplest of ingredients. You know which ones. Milk, Cream, Sugar, all the good natural stuff. We may try it with Turkey Hill’s All Natural Homemade Vanilla. It only contains 4 ingredients.  FOUR! All of which I can pronounce. No artificial colors, flavoring, or stabilizers. None. It’s the way ice cream should be, the way Turkey Hill started making ice cream over 80 years ago. There are 20 flavors from their All Natural line-up, so it’ll be hard to choose. Maybe I’ll go with Belgian Style Chocolate, or maybe even one of their fruit-infused flavors like Blackberry Swirl! I can’t wait!

 Photo by Epicurean Chronicles
Photo by Epicurean Chronicles

If you haven’t heard of Turkey Hill ice cream before, guess what? They have their Good Mooed sampling tour so you can taste it for yourself. For more information on the sampling tour, go to https://www.turkeyhill.com/events/good-mooed-tour.

For more information on the Turkey Hill brand, visit the Dairy online at http://www.TurkeyHill.com on Facebook, or on Twitter (@TurkeyHillDairy).





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