Caffeine Crawl Is Back In Wisconsin!

 Click on this banner for more information on the 2017 Wisconsin Caffeine Crawl
Click on this banner for more information on the 2017 Wisconsin Caffeine Crawl


Caffeine Crawl will be in Wisconsin to give you the caffeine fix you’ve been itching for since its inaugural Wisconsin event in Madison last year.  This time around, Madison’s neighboring ‘other big city” Milwaukee will be joining the crawl.  The event will once again showcase an impressive lineup of coffee, tea, and chocolate from boutique shops and local favorite coffee shops. Bring your helmets!  No, it’s not going to be a bumpy ride… well that all depends on your riding skills as bike-friendly route options are available to put your caffeine boost to use.

On August 26th, Madison, WI will be hosting 5 different tours with over 10 businesses that focus on coffee, tea, and chocolate. 

On the roster are:

  • Colectivo
  • Crescendo Espresso Bar & Music Cafe
  • Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier
  • Infusion Chocolates
  • JBC Coffee Roasters
  • MSCo. Patisserie (Madison Sourdough Co.)
  • Porter
  • Rich Tea (at Field Table)
  • Stone Creek Coffee.

(Notably absent from the rotation is 5th Element Coffee, who sadly closed their establishment on August 6th, 2017.) 

Now in true Madison style, JBC Coffee Roasters will host a kickoff party (I mean c’mon, there’s gotta be a party) at 6pm with even MORE drinks highlighting more local partnerships with businesses such as Sassy Cow Creamery and Cadence Cold Brew.  Rumor has it that even a local brewery coffee stout (it’s a surprise) will be available for all attendees.  For those who want to see the artistic side of coffee, a “free-to-attend” Latte Art Throwdown competition will take place at 7pm.

 Photo by Quit Nguyen
Photo by Quit Nguyen

Now to all our Milwaukee Coffee connoisseurs.

They didn’t forget about you!

On Sunday, August 27th, Milwaukee will be hosting 4 different tours from the following:

  • Anodyne Coffee Roasting
  • Brewed Cafe
  • Colectivo
  • Dryhootch Coffeehouse
  • Hawthorne Coffee Roasters
  • Kickapoo Coffee
  • Pilcrow Coffee Roasters
  • Rishi Tea

All of the Milwaukee routes are driving routes, so make sure to have your motor vehicle ready and full of fuel…. the non-caffeinated kind.

We will be broadcasting LIVE from Instagram during Madison’s Route 2 on August 26th, and at the Kickoff Party and Latte Art Throwdown, so make sure to follow us @EpicureanChronicles to see all the action.

 Photo By CafFEINe Crawl
Photo By CafFEINe Crawl




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