Top 3 Tacos & Margaritas at the 1st annual Margarita Fest

 The Bandit Folks killing it at Margarita Fest
The Bandit Folks killing it at Margarita Fest

Isthmus and Pasqual’s Cantina partnered together to give Madison, Wisconsin its 1st annual Margarita Fest.

Mother Nature was on board with this outdoor food fest and graced us with sunshine and a perfect breeze.

If you love tacos and margaritas, then you definitely missed out on unlimited sampling of the best tacos and margaritas Madison has to offer.

Fortunately, WE were there, and ready to dish on our Top 3 tacos and margs!

Let’s go!!!

Top 3 Tacos

3.  Lucille

Hamachi Crudo, Cucumber, Shallot, Jalapeño, and avocado purée.

Lucille is known for their pizza, so it was a pleasant surprise to see a fish taco from them.  This was a pescatarian’s delight.  Served on a light yet crunchy taco shell, we could have eaten buckets of these.  

2. Bandit

Grilled Pork shoulder with Spicy Pickled Rhubarb, onion flowers, radish, crema, epazote, and salsa verde.

The Bandit guys are new to the game, but their tacos would say otherwise.  You can taste the freshness in every bite. They came to Margarita Fest to test out their creations, and after eating 4 of these, we knew Bandit came correct with their tacos.  We look forward to more from Bandit!

1. BelAir Cantina

Crispy pork, hoisin glaze, cucumber jicama slaw

They had us at ‘Crispy Pork’, but the supporting ingredients made this taco a winner!  Coming soon to downtown Madison, BelAir Cantina has 5 locations in Wisconsin, and judging by this taco, they are sure to give Madison’s taco eateries a run for their money!  We can’t wait to try more!!!

Top 3 Margaritas

3. Bandit

Lemon Drop infused tequila, celery, lime, honey, green chartreuse, w/ smoked paprika salt rim.

Bandit is killin’ it!  If you like a well-rounded margarita that goes well with ANY taco, this one’s your best bet.  Not only was this tasty, it was also the most photogenic. Take a look!

2. The Rigby

Watermelon Mint Margarita

This was the most refreshing especially under the 90 degree heat.  This had just the right amount of booze to give you that margarita buzz you crave, but more of the sweet and tasty watermelon flavor that we kept coming back for.

1. Old Sugar Distillery

Honey Ginger Margarita – No Sugar or Agave added. Reposado Tequila, Old Sugar Factory Honey Liqueur, Triple Sec, Fresh squeezed lime juice, local honey, and freshly squeezed ginger.

Old Sugar Distillery brought their “A” game to Margarita Fest and won us over with this Margarita.  This was by far the smoothest of the bunch.  It’s tasty yet boozey enough to be dangerous.  You won’t know it by tasting it, and we can’t believe that no sugar or Agave was used in making this margarita.  We’re impressed, and we want more!

Well there you have it folks!  

You’ll have to wait until next year to indulge in fabulous tacos and tasty margaritas.

To tide you over, check out the slideshow below for more Margarita Fest fun!


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